Influencer Corner

 Influencers Loving our Lashes    
1. Laraib Raheem 
Lariab is a famous influencer and she looks so happy and beautiful wearing flingnetic magnetic eyelashes. She said these lashes are like a time savior and the best beauty product for her. 
2. Nishoo Khan 
Nishoo Khan is another well-known influencer and she is obsessed with the quality and benefits of our lashes. She gave a review that the application of these lashes is very easy and the best thing is that these are long-lasting and reusable. 
3. Maha Noor 
Maha is so beautiful and she looks more pretty wearing our eyelashes. She recommended our lashes on her social accounts and said these are must beauty products to attend events, like parties, wedding etc. 
4. Saman Noor 
Saman Noor gives us the happiest and most satisfactory review that these eyelashes are the perfect eyelashes, longlasting and reusable. She looks gorgeous wearing magnetic eyelashes.  
5. Haya Ali 
Haya Ali looks very stunning wearing our magnetic eyelashes. Just look at her expressions how happy she is. She gave us a detailed review on her instagram shwing her love for the product. 
6. Zainab Raja 
Public favorite influencer zainab Raja looks adorable in this look wearing our magnetic eyelashes. She said these lashes take a little to no time to apply and are long-lasting. You can go outside with confidence. 
7. Ghina 
Ghina is so kind by heart and pretty by face. These lashes make her look more adorable. She said these lashes are a must-have product for lash lovers because lashes are hustle free to apply, reusable, and long-lasting.  
8. Areeja Asif  
Areej Asif looks glamorous wearing magnetic eyelashes. She gave us her honest review that these lashes help her to get rid of messy glue lashes, as she is an eyelash lover, and these lashes became her favorite lashes from now on. 
9. Yusra Aftab 
Yusra is a beautiful girl and looks more stunning wearing magnetic eyelashes. She loves all the products of Flingnetic and said that these lashes help her a lot to get ready quickly for events.