1. How to apply magnetic eyeliner?
    Shake well before applying; trace a line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner (like you usually apply your simple eyeliner). Always keep the line as close to the root of your lashes as possible. Let it dry to apply lashes properly.
  2. How to apply lashes?
    Once your liner has properly dried, pick lashes with the help of a applicator and put them smoothly on your eyeliner, they will stick  with the magnetic power of the liner.
  3. Are these lashes reusable?
    Yes, each pair is reusable Up to 40 times if properly cleaned and store after use.
  4. How to store these lashes?
    Pull of lashes from your eyes, clean them using cotton swabs, then keep the lashes in their place in the box, and store the box safely. Only pick lashes softly and never pull off the strip in the box where magnetic lashes are attached.
  5. How to clean lashes after use?
    You can clean lashes easily using cotton swabs.
  6. How to trim magnetic eyelashes?
    The lashes style is not suitable for your eyes; you can easily trim lashes using scissors according to your eye shape.
  7. How long will magnetic eyelashes stay?
    Magnetic lashes have the property to stay all day long until you pull them off on your own.
  8. Are these lashes applicable only to magnetic eyeliner?
    Yes, these are magnetic lashes and will work only with our magnetic eyeliner.
  9. Can we buy eyeliner seperately?
    Yes, separate liner is available on our website.