Celebrity Corner

Famous Celebrities are obssessed with our Lashes

1. Nazish Jahangir 
Nazish Jahangir is obsessed with our lashes, she said that she has a very tough schedule and was having a hard time applying messy glue lashes, but now she is satisfied and happy with these easygoing and longlasting eyelashes. She has shared her pictures with us. 
2. Inaya Khan 
Inaya Khan is super happy having our magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes. She said her life became so easy with these lashes because their application is very easy, and the lashes stay the whole day. She gave a big shout-out to Flingnetic and shared her pictures and videos on social media. 
3. Rehma Zamman 
Rehma Zaman is in love with our eyelashes. She gave us her honest review and said that these lashes bring so much comfort to her life, helping her to get rid of messy glue lashes. Look how beautiful and happy she looks wearing these lashes. 
4. Mommal Khalid 
Gorgeous Mommal Khalid looks more pretty wearing our eyelashes. She said these lashes are worth their price and became her go-to eyelash for daily routines, parties, and other events. She is so nice and shared her pictures as well wearing our eyelashes.