Why you should switch to magnetic eyeliner and lashes

Why you should switch to magnetic eyeliner and lashes

It’s time to ditch the old way of applying fake eyelashes babe. Let’s talk about why you should switch to magnetic eyeliner and lashes. If you’re an avid lash wearer, you know that putting on lash strips with sticky glue that takes forever to dry is slightly annoying.—And then lash extensions are another story. Waiting two hours for fills and too much spending of money in a month on them is a huge commitment on so many levels. So, we’ve got a more high-tech solution for ya.

Now you can gorgeous lashes in under two minutes with the newest lash application method on the block. If you’ve never tried magnetic eyeliner and lashes, now is the time! It’s the most innovative way to extend your lashes without the annoying steps of glue and wait time. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, babe.

We know that applying magnetic lashes can be an absolute pain. Nobody likes to try and sandwich magnetized eyelashes between their natural ones…no thank you. However, the idea of lashes that instantly attach with glue sounds like magic. So, we just took the idea and upgraded the lash application method to be 1,000% better. Hello, magnetic eyeliner.

Here’s what you need to know about magnetic eyeliner and lashes. Flingnetic created the first ever eyeliner that allows your magnetic lashes to attach with ease. It’s safe to use, no toxic ingredients and is made to look like lash extensions. And if you want to keep the lash on all day, no worries! You magnetic eyelash will be secure from the time they are applied to when you choose to take them off.

Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash vs. Fake Lash Strips and Lash Extensions

Here are the basic differences between the three methods of applying falsies. Check out for yourself why this is the year you should make the switch to a more convenient way of getting the lash look you've always wanted.

Fake Lash Strips
*Lash Glue
*Dry time
*Hard to apply
*Hard to adjust once they are on

Lash Extensions
*Toxic glue application
*1-2 hour fill time every few weeks
*Random lash fall out

Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes
*No lash glue
*Just apply magnetic eyeliner
*Two-minute application
*All day wear

Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes will Change Your Life

Well, okay, maybe a slight exaggeration. But, we do think that if you like full, gorgeous, and stunning lashes but get intimidated by applying lashes yourself, that this will change your lash game indefinitely. . They are extremely natural looking magnetic lashes .

And, if you want to know how to apply your magnetic eyeliner, you can check out this full tutorial and also, how to apply your magnetic lashes. We’ve got all of the tutorials so that you can easily learn to easily apply your magnetic eyeliner and lashes. Also, we’ve got more lashes coming out soon, so check back!



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