How to use Magnetic Eyeliner

How to use Magnetic Eyeliner

Want to know how to use magnetic eyeliner and the best tips and tricks for application? Today we're showing you Flingnetic and how you can use the magnetic liner to attach your fake lashes easily. Long, gorgeous lashes are all the rage babe, but you no longer have to use glue to get the faux lash-look. We're going to show you how to get the most badass lashes in 2 minutes. 

How to use Magnetic Eyeliner the Right Way

Since we at Flingnetic are actual professionals in the lash arena, we've seen all of the mistakes up-close and personal that people make when applying faux lashes. So, before we talk about how to use magnetic eyeliner the right way--lets first talk about what not to do when it comes to getting damn- good lashes. 

1. Don't use lash glue.Gone are those days, babe. We've upgraded that lash application system with a new, more modern way of doing it. Thus the title of this entire blog post: "How to use Magnetic Eyeliner the Right Way." Glue is gross. We're just honest. It ruins lashes, it is hard to apply, and you have to wait a million years for it to dry and then hope and pray you get your application correct. Ya know- we've all had a "slip and slide" situation with lash glue. It's no good. So- ditch the lash glue all together and learn how to use magnetic eyeliner. Period. 

2. Don't use magnetic lash strips that make you have to sandwich your natural lashes in between two lash strips. It's no good. Trust us--there is a much easier way to get the most bomb lashes of all time. 

3. Lash extensions can make your actual lashes fall out. We strongly recommend not doing that babe. Plus, with magnetic eyeliner and lashes, you not only save time...but you save money too!

 How to Use Magnetic Eyeliner 

It's essential to understand how to use magnetic eyeliner correctly if you're going to use it. For starters, getting the right kind of magnetic eyeliner is important to make sure you get the best application. Hello Flingnetic magnetic eyeliner--you pay for what you get! This eyeliner isn't just your basic eyeliner babe; it's top-notch. 

Rules of Applying magnetic Eyeliner

1. You want to make sure that you have all of your eye makeup on (minus your eyeliner), before applying your magnetic eyeliner. 

2. Now start by applying your magnetic eyeliner close to your lash-line. Start at the inner corner and extend to the outer corner of your lash-line. 

4. Do a second layer- make sure that there is enough product that your eyelashes will magnetize easily.

5. Let your eyeliner dry for 2 minutes. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. It's highly important that the magnetic eyeliner not be wet at all. 

6. After your liner is dry, all you have to do is pick our your Flingnetic Magnetic Eyeliner Eyelash Suit, snap it on, and BOOM! You're all finished, babe!

Now that you know how to use magnetic eyeliner, you just need to practice and become really good at it. The liner application part can be the hardest because a liner can be hard to apply. But, once you get that down--you'll be a lash professional. 

How to Take Off Magnetic Eyeliner

If you want to remove your magnetic eyeliner, first you need to take off your magnetic lashes. It's crucial NOT to get makeup remover on your Flingbeauty magnetic lashes as this can ruin them. 

So, before you take off your magnetic eyeliner, remove your magnetic lashes and put them back into the box they came in so that they don't get ruined. Then, grab your makeup removing cotton swab and glide it over the top of the liner. Watch as it easily comes off! 

A few Other Magnetic Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

1. Shake your eyeliner really good before you open it (if you got the liquid).

2. Make sure you shut your magnetic liquid and gel eyeliner lid after each use so that it doesn't dry out. 

3. Store it in a cool place. 

You can shop Flingnetic Magnetic Eyeliner HERE! 

So, what do you think? Now that you know how to use magnetic eyeliner, are you going to try it? Remember, Flingnetic has a 7-day return policy--so, if you aren't satisfied (which..not a chance), you can make a return or exchange it for a new product. If you need a recommendation of lash styles or which magnetic eyeliner to buy, his up our customer support team. 




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