How to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes the Right Way

How to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes the Right Way

Did you know that there is a right way to remove magnetic eyeliner and lashes? Today we’re going to show you how to take off your Flingnetic Magnetic Liner and Magnetic Eyelashes the proper way. With this method, you can keep your fake lashes in the best shape possible.

Have your tried Flingnetic Magnetic Eyelashes before? We didn’t invent magnetic lashes, but we did make the application a million times easier. You no longer have to sandwich your natural lashes between two magnetized fake lash strips to get full, gorgeous eyelashes. There is a much, much simpler way. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to apply magnetic lashes with the Flingnetic Method. 


How to Apply Flingnetic Magnetic Eyelashes 

Step 1: Grab the Flingnetic Magnetic Eyeliner

Step 2. Apply your magnetic eyeliner the way you would a traditional liquid eyeliner. Start at the inner corner of your lash line and then trace your lash line until you get to the outer edge. You want your eyeliner to be a little thicker so that the magnets on your lashes get a good magnetic attraction. 

Wait about 30 seconds, and then do a second layer of your liquid eyeliner. 

Step 3: Wait two entire minutes for your magnetic liquid eyeliner to dry before you place on your magnetic lashes. This step is essential to remember. You want to make sure that your eyeliner is 100% dry before clicking on your lashes. You can test your eyeliner by touching it and making sure that nothing comes off. 

Step 4: Now that your Flingnetic Magnetic Eyeliner is completely dry. Just get your magnetic eyelash as close to your lashes as possible and watch as the magnetic eyeliner gently and quickly draws the lashes onto your lash line.

What to Expect After you Apply your Magnetic Eyelashes

The coolest part about our Flingnetic Magnetic Eyeliner and lashes is that they hold up for up to 8 hours. Plus, they are wind resistant, sweat-proof, and stay put in harsh conditions. Honestly, try the blow dryer test on your lashes with the coldest temp possible—your lashes will stay put as long as your application was correct.

How to Remove Magnetic Eyelashes

When you go to remove your Flingnetic Magnetic Eyelashes, you want to make sure that you take good care of them. Did you know that you can get up to 30 uses of your magnetic lashes? It’s true! Just make sure that you remove them properly and take care of them so that they last. 

Step 1: Gently remove your Flingnetic Magnetic Eyelashes by grabbing the outer corner and slowly pulling away from your lash line. 

Step 2: Clean off the magnets on your magnetic lashes with oil-free micellar water if you see any build-up on them. 

Step 3: Put your lashes back into the box they came in.

How to Remove Flingnetic Magnetic Eyeliner

Here is a quick guide on how to remove your Flingnetic Magnetic Eyeliner for you to follow. 

Step 1: Remove your magnet lashes. 

Step 2: Grab your makeup removing cotton swabs and open one up.

Step 3: Just swipe the cotton swabs along your magnetic eyeliner and watch it easily come off. It’s important not to get the solution from the cotton swabs on your Flingnetic Magnetic Eyelashes as this can ruin them. 

Alright beauties, now that you know exactly how to remove your magnetic eyeliner and lashes the right way, you can basically call yourself a professional. 

Ha! Enjoy your lashes, and let us know if you have any questions. 




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